Dec 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We started our Christmas Eve evening by attending the Christmas Eve service at church.  The evening was filled with story telling and caroling by candlelight. The night concluded with this awesome performance by the band at Northside.

It was definitely a WOW moment.

We headed home and got our Santa snack ready- milk and one cake ball- because from what I hear Santa is watching his waistline these days.  We wrote our letter about how "good" we have been and reminded Santa of the things we really wanted.  Then it was jammies and of course the classic bedtime story, The Night Before Christmas.

Here is our beautiful tree.  I love our tree. I love that when I pick up an ornament I can remember when and where I got it, and who gave it to me. Each year I get Cade a few ornaments that represent things that happened this year. This year we added a "C" cookie ornament because Cade is always helping me bake.  A circus elephant because we went to the circus for the first time and a felt gingerbread man since we had our first ever Gingerbread party at our house. I'm saving all of these "special" ornaments for Cade in a box so that one day when he has his own tree he can open up the box and reminisce.

Santa gave Cade a red guitar....

A tri-level parking garage, Bert and Ernie blocks, aqua doodle mat, Home Depot 18 wheeler tool kit, play dough, and a stocking full of stuff!

Lucy got a new doggie bed and a box of bones!

Travis got Campfire (HUGE) marshmallows, crackers a Hershey bar and stakes to use on our new fire pit!

A camping set with truck. 

One of my favorite pictures of the day!

After we celebrated here we headed over to my parent's house and opened even more gifts! It was a long day of opening presents and eating delicious food. Merry Christmas friends and family! 

For New Years we are planning on firing up our new gas grill and grill up some fajitas. Should be fun! Especially if I can whip up some margarita punch!

Happy New Year!!