Oct 22, 2009

road trip

This past weekend- Cade and I loaded up and headed west to Fredericksburg. We had been planning this trip for months....it's become a tradition to head to Wildseed Farm this time of year. The pumpkins are gorgeous and the weather is always fantastic! Wildseed hosts a Monarch butterfly tag & release ceremony each October which draws in a huge crowd of people.

Here are few things I learned about Monarchs.
  • a male monarch has two spots on the lower part of the wings, the female does not.
  • a monarch butterfly travels thousands of miles south to Mexico when temperatures drop in the Northern US
  • monarchs travel 25-30 miles a day.

Here are few pictures from our day at the Farm.

gigi & maxie

maxie, age 8

Cade sitting on a pumpkin. He loved talking on the "phone" or what is also know as a gourd.

Fun times at gigi's house.

My second cousin Erica and her little girl Blair, and her Mom Helen met us at Wildseed Farms. Helen lives in town and Erica leaves in Fulsner, TX (near Katy). I had told Erica about the butterfly exhibit several weeks ago and am so glad things worked out to where she could meet us out there. Once we connected we walked around and enjoyed the fresh air and the surroundings. We enjoyed lunch at the farm and then we headed back into to town to put the kids down for a nap.

While Cade napped and Maxie made cookies with Gigi, I headed downtown for some good old fashion fun-- shopping. Then I met Erica and Helen at Rather Sweet for a coffee and dessert-shortly after it was back to reality.... nap time is over way to quick these days!

When I made it back to Gigi's we loaded up and headed home to Buda. Somehow we got lucky and Travis #1 took over watching the kids and Stephanie and I went out on the town.... Buda's very own Italian Restaurant. It was pretty authentic and just what I needed after a long day in the sun!

This weekend the crew is heading down here for Travis' grandma's birthday. Hopefully I can sneak Maxie away for a little fall festival fun!