Dec 12, 2009

TOS ten on saturday

Ten On Saturday.

Well for start I actually captured Cade smiling in a picture and his face isn't squished together. So this one is going in our Christmas cards.
2. I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Monday. A whole 32 years.... geesh where is the time going. My family watched Cade so Travis and I could celebrate with Becky and Andrew at Cyclone Anayas.... Poinsetta Margaritas are so yummy!

3. Since turning 32 (yes, just in the last week) my eyesight has gone from 20/20 to 20/15. I went in for an exam on Thursday and had to get eye glasses for driving. I don't mind wearing them....but I'm not happy with the frames I picked out. I liked them in the store but now I just feel like I should be living in the 50s or have a bee hive. So I'm hoping in the next few months I'll either A) win the lottery and buy a pair of Kate Spade designer frames B) find a coupon for some cute-r frames that won't cost a fortune C) lose my glasses or that they happen to be destroyed by the 2 year monster living in my house or D) my eyes will self correct and I will no longer need eye ware.

4. I am spoiled. I have 2 snuggies and YES I'm wearing one now. My hands and arms are perfectly warm as I type away on my laptop.

5. Christmas is 13 days away. I still have so much to buy but I'm kind of in that place where I just want to say enough is enough.

6.Today I volunteered with our Church to deliver Angel Tree gifts. Wow, that was eye opening. It's so easy to take what you have for granted until you see how others are living. So glad I went.

7. Two weeks ago it snowed! Cade loved it! He ran inside and said MY HANDS ARE FREEZING. It was so cute!

8. I'm wanting the new Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas. I love cookbooks and actually use them.

9. I'm planning on going to Austin on Saturday- Monday. Hopefully I can run out to Fredericksburg to see Grandma before heading home. I miss her!

10. Time for bed.... I was up before the sun today and I'm sure tomorrow is going to be an early one again....