Mar 4, 2011

This past week I cooked 3 amazing things!

1. Pioneer Woman's Lasagna- the best lasagna I've ever made.... actually it's the only lasagna that I've ever made and will ever make.

2. Pioneer Woman's Beef Drip- THANK YOU Julie for the recipe.  Shredded beef on a toasted hoagie roll. YUM.  Even Cade ate it.

3. Beer Bread- I had bought Travis a 6 pk of LoneStar but he's rarely home to enjoy it and I didn't want it to go bad so I just googled BEER BREAD and picked the first recipe I came to.  It was rated 5 stars and I find that rating to be completely accurate.

This weekend I'm taking Cade to Home Depot to build a race car.  It's a free class; my cousin Alex told me about it. Then we're heading to Abbey's 4th birthday party at the Children's Museum.  Then home for awhile before we head over to a wedding reception for our friends from church.  Then Tuesday is the Irish Dancers Performance and Wednesday is the Rodeo.   By the end of next week I'll be exhausted and looking for a sitter.