Jun 4, 2009

So Sew

SEW-I signed up and completed my first sewing lesson. I've had my machine for several years and I just never got the hang of it and I basically packed it away... occasionally I watched Travis pull it down from the top shelf and sew a patch or an extra strap on his duty clothes but other than that it just sat there on the shelf covered up and forgotten.

Well that all changed when I visited Sam's house the other day. She excitedly pulls me into her nursery and shows me her latest project-- her handmade diaper bag and diaper holder. I knew she could sew but these were the cutest things I've seen her make! Then she walks me over to the office where she pulls open a drawer full of fabric and shows me what else she's been working on..... I was so inspired by her that I googled a teacher that night and signed up for lessons.

My first lesson was this past Wednesday. We went over all of the parts of the sewing machine, practiced a few different stitches first on paper then on fabric and then I was quizzed over everything I had learned. I am supposed to be making a tote bag at my next class....hopefully I'm ready for that. Sounds pretty advanced but I'm excited because I get to go pick out fabric and I have something to look forward to each week during the month of June.

10 on Thursday

1. This past weekend we traveled to Austin to visit friends and family. On Saturday Donny and Taylor tied the knot in Lockhart. The wedding was sweet and simple- just what they wanted. After the wedding we met up at Baby A's for ritas and queso then headed to Magnolia grill for dinner. We met some great friends of Donny and Taylor... I hope we can all get together another time!

2. On Sunday we made a trip to the San Antonio zoo. I have mixed feelings about it. Yes it's a really nice zoo but it was hard to navigate through and there weren't any vendor stands selling drinks, the lion area was STINKY- and it's not stroller/wheelchair friendly. I think Cade's favorite exhibit was the hippopotamus (when he says it, it's like the longest word ever.....hippomoctomus- or something like that)... Maxie seemed to have fun. She was most excited about getting an Icy.

3. Cade is identifying numbers 2 and 5.... I think the iPod touch has a lot to do with that skill. I downloaded a toddler game that goes over letters, shapes, and numbers.....when he turns it on a voice asks him to touch a number or a certain letter.... I can't believe how smart he is... he surprises us everyday.

4. The U on the laptop is now working and we are now able to take the laptop into multiple rooms without having to have it plugged in and charging. We shipped the laptop off last week to get repaired while it was still under a warranty and it arrived yesterday all shiny and new. I'm not kidding I thought we had a new one....the screen didn't have tiny finger prints everywhere and the keyboard was crumb free and all the letters were secure and in place.... now lets see how long it will stay like this.

5. Cade has been in his big boy bed for over a week. I'm wondering how long he'll fit in this size bed.... he's growing like weed!

6. While we were in Austin we went to eat at the Salt Lick. It's my new favorite hot spot in the Texas Hill Country. Travis and I both ordered the chopped beef sandwich...... we would have licked our plates if we weren't in public-- that's how good it was! When we were paying we added a bottle of sauce and dry rub...... tonight I made pork chops with the dry rub-- I have never had such tasty pork chops. I think we're going to purchase a gift set for Travis' brother and sister in law who live out of state.... they are missing the food over here I'm sure!

7. My parents and my sister and her family are going to be going to Port Aransas in July to stay a few days at a friend's beach house.... should be a fun trip!

8. Our friend's Sam and Charlie welcomed a new baby into their family of 3 on Tuesday- Brooke Nicole Webb. We went up and visited with them on Wednesday..... she is precious! So happy for them! Cade seemed a bit jealous when I was holding her....hopefully he'll get used to seeing that whenever we decide to have another....

9. Tomorrow I'm getting my haircut! I can't wait.... I love getting my haircut-- it always looks so soft and touchable....I'm trying to figure out why I can't get it to look like that everyday.

10. Travis and I are on a health kick. It's time to get back in shape and back on track.