Jun 4, 2009

So Sew

SEW-I signed up and completed my first sewing lesson. I've had my machine for several years and I just never got the hang of it and I basically packed it away... occasionally I watched Travis pull it down from the top shelf and sew a patch or an extra strap on his duty clothes but other than that it just sat there on the shelf covered up and forgotten.

Well that all changed when I visited Sam's house the other day. She excitedly pulls me into her nursery and shows me her latest project-- her handmade diaper bag and diaper holder. I knew she could sew but these were the cutest things I've seen her make! Then she walks me over to the office where she pulls open a drawer full of fabric and shows me what else she's been working on..... I was so inspired by her that I googled a teacher that night and signed up for lessons.

My first lesson was this past Wednesday. We went over all of the parts of the sewing machine, practiced a few different stitches first on paper then on fabric and then I was quizzed over everything I had learned. I am supposed to be making a tote bag at my next class....hopefully I'm ready for that. Sounds pretty advanced but I'm excited because I get to go pick out fabric and I have something to look forward to each week during the month of June.