Jun 16, 2005

For the last few months my interest have gone from scrapbooking to card making but since summer is here I have decided to pull out my paper, scissors and glue and get back into the game. And to help me along they way I turned to the internet for some inspiration. After searching what seemed like an eternity I came across a page dedicated completely to scrapbooking! Kinderdcreations has all kinds of ideas, from page lay-outs to tips and tricks of getting your page just the way you want it! It has given me the inspiration I needed to get back into cropping!

The latest trend in scrapbooking is the use of ribbon, rubber stamps and layering (to the extreme). All of that means thinking outside of the box- which I'm pretty used to but when it comes to cropping I tend to freeze up and not be a risk taker. With help from this site and from the members online I'm hoping they can inspire me to take my scrapbooking to the next level because I'm ready, I just need a little push.

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