Nov 8, 2011

A quick post

Wow,  feels like months since I posted!  Our computer bit the dust a few weeks ago....but here is what my life has consisted of the past few weeks:  JUNIOR LEAGUE- Holiday Market.

My friend Susan and I had the opportunity to plan an amazing event for the Junior League-  Cookies & Cocoa with The Clauses.

We both worked are tails off the last few weeks.  We made numerous trips to Wal-Mart, Sam's and Hobby Lobby- dragging our children around even when we ourselves didn't want to go there either!  We pulled it all together this weekend and heard amazing things from friends, family and the guests themselves!

Sure we ran out of cookies and cocoa- twice BUT the activities were fabulous and those two things went almost unnoticed!

We had an amazing Santa and Mrs. Clause.  These two are the real deal!  This was Mrs. Clause first "outing".  We had her read The Night Before Christmas at the end of the event.  The children we so quiet for this soft spoken soul.  We had handprint chargers, reindeer food, Christmas cards, snowmen on a stick, and a photo booth!  Talk about fun!!

I will post pictures soon!  Thanks Suz for all your hardwork!  We are done...for now!