Feb 19, 2012

February Birthdays

  Daddy celebrated birthday- no. 68!

 Mom & Daddy- about to blow out the candles

  Cade helped spell out Happy  Birthday with the candles! He did O-K!

  Then my baby turned 5 on the 16th. 

We celebrated at Brother's Pizza!  Cade didn't want to be sung to and he didn't want to blow out his candle either.

We had a Pirate Party at home.  I really only got pictures of the food...
Homemade Cupcakes

The Oreos were a hit- as you can tell by the "drought" conditions

If you LOVE sangria- you need this recipe.
2 bottles pinot, 6 cans of Fresca and fruit (oranges, lemons, grapes, peaches (we used frozen) and strawberries!

Dipped Marshmallows with faces drawn in edible marker

white chocolate coated popcorn with sprinkles- yum!

It was a really fun party.  Everyone got an eye patch, sash/belt, a tattoo and a bandanna to wear while bouncing in the bounce house.  Then there was digging for treasure using a pirate hook (we had necklaces and rings that they had to hook).  We also had cardboard swords that were a big hit too! 
There was also a pirate ship and pirate men to play with in the front room.

We had house full.... 20 kids and each one with a parent or two!  It was fun had by all!