Jan 22, 2009

Tubes are in

For the past 23 months Cade has had 12 ear infections. Here lately it seems like he just can't get over them. So we made an appointment last month to get evaluated a second time by the ENT for the possibility of placing tubes in Cade's ears. It was highly recommended to help drain the ear and prevent further infections- while the ear can still become infected it at least can drain and not cause as much pain as a full blown infection. So we schedule the surgery.

Yesterday we woke up a 6 and arrived at the surgery center at 7. He played in the waiting room until it was time to get prepped. That took about 20 minutes and then he headed back to the OR for about 10 minutes. We literally sat down and got back up to go get him. He was the least bit happy to see us. Finally he settled down and we drove home. He slept a good while once we got home....and then all of sudden he shot up and said JUICE. Not sure if he was really awake, I comforted him and carried him to the kitchen, handed him his juice and then all of a sudden he went BLAH all over himself and me.

Poor baby. We cleaned him up and then he did it again.... just a little bit. So we stripped him down and tossed him into the tub. I think that made him feel better. Afterwards he was his normal self.... a little wobbly and bit more cranky than normal but overall he was doing well.

As for sleeping last night- I rocked him and tried to put him down and popped back up. I decided to not let him cry it out since he just had the procedure done-- he did sleep until 7 with me. So that was nice treat. Hopefully he'll wear himself out this afternoon at the park.

We go back in 2 weeks for a follow up. Let's hope for good results.