Dec 6, 2003

Becky sent me the link to her page and I just had to create a BLOG of my own.

Today was pretty uneventful. I woke up watched my weekend dose of Trading Spaces and Food Network (Martha made gingerbread cookies.....Exciting stuff!)

I left my apartment around 1:15 to get to my 2:00 hair appointment. I have recently started going to a new stylist. I said goodbye to Juan Carlos with the rest of my friends. I think there were about 5 of us who had been going to him over the past 3 years. Julie and I decided to try out Michelle Williams at Electic Salons in Houston. She convinced me to get highlites- which I love. It's always fun to change things up a bit. So far Juie and I are really pleased with her work and her pricing is much more reasonable than Tony and Guy.

After my haircut I decided to go by my parents house and work on my holiday cards. They turned out fabulous. I only made 10- so be out on the look out for one! They are very pretty and I almost don't want to send them! BUT Becky would kill me if I did that becasue she is the one who picked them up for me in 17' degree weather!

What a trooper!

If you haven't visited there is no better time than now. They have a whole new holiday line. It's the best scrapbook-paper supply store I've come across. It's even better in person. If you ever visit Boston be sure to check out one of the three locations and be sure you tell me in case I want to go too!

Happy Birthday to Me!!