May 5, 2004

Happy Birthday Travis!

This past weekend was the big birthday bash in Keechi. Travis and I drove out Friday night to his parents farm, stopping in Willis to load up on groceries. We made it up there around 10:30. It was about to storm when we pulled up, we quickly unloaded things and then hit the sack.

Our day started off nice. Made breakfast, had a cup of coffee, watched a show on the game show Network called- CRAM and then took a shower. Seems pretty typical- nothing unusual.
UNTIL. . . I hear the words, "If you're going to take a shower you probably want to get in now!"
Apparently the handle to turn off the water had been striped and in order to turn off the water in the shower we had to turn the water off completely. So I quickly hopped in and rub-a-dub dubbed.

To make a long story short, we had to make a trip into town. Little did we know that the rain we had the night before caused major flooding down the dirt road. We must have sat at the floodline for 20 minutes. After some discussion, we drove through it, and went into town. We bought some parts and headed home, over the river, and through the woods....

Travis worked so hard on the shower but decided to just plug up the opening and save the work for the next day because it was time to PARTY.

Travis' buddies came up to the farm to help celebrate his birthday. I had made a brisket, greenbean casserole, queso and corn. For dessert, his mom sent along a carrot cake and I had picked up some slice and bake cookies when we were in town. The meal was a hit and the desserts were delicious! And here a pictures from the first party in Keechi!

Travis is in his fancy pearl snap shirt.

"Happy birthday"

Charlie, Travis' friend, bought this huge, inflatable water slide for hours of fun!

I'm so happy that his friends could make it, it really meant a lot to Travis and I both. Travis had a great time and we are working on plans for the next big thing in KEECHI. I'll keep you posted!