Jan 23, 2011

Happy EARLY Birthday to Travis

I'm 4 months early but I bought Travis tickets to the World Speedway in College Station.
Two of his friends, Charlie and Jeff are joining him on the race track.  They will be able to drive a new 2011 Mustang around the track 3 times solo- then 5 times with a professional.  To a guy this sounds AWESOME.

happy WAY early birthday Travis

By the way, I purchase my tickets on Groupon.com.  If your aren't a member you should join. It's FREE.  Groupon sends daily emails with a deal of the day.  I subscribe to Austin and Houston.  This is my second groupon to purchase. The first was to Build A Bear Workshop where I spent $10 for $20 worth of stuff.
If you join make sure you mention my name: taraleann or it might be my email or just my name... but I get Groupon money for referring out. Thank in advance!