Jan 24, 2011

My Sunday

I had the whole afternoon and evening to myself yesterday. It was great! I able to spend the afternoon with Sam and her new baby, Charlie. She invited me to a Grape Oil Tasting party in her neighborhood. I bought a few things for our pantry and birthday gift for my Dad. After that I headed over to Mary's for a glass of wine and dinner.

I spent the evening cleaning up a bit and then I crawled into bed and piled the pillows up. I pulled the heavy quilts on top of me and got all comfy cozy in the middle of the bed.  I slept the entire night without a certain little guy climbing over me and whacking me in the face with a foot or a hand.  This morning I woke up after 7 and thought about how unfair it was that I was so comfortable and had to get out of bed!  I managed but I could have stayed there for another few hours.

It's always a so quiet when Cade's not around. Almost like something is missing.

I did miss him (and Travis) but distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?


Today, Cade came home from the farm and gave me the biggest hug and kiss.  I think he actually missed me- for once!  He told me about his trip to the farm and how he saw 3 armadillas (not armadillos) and that he named the new cows Conner and Dasher (I think).

We spent the afternoon baking banana muffins.  He loves to help me in the kitchen. As soon as I open up the cabinet he is pushing the chair or his table up against the counter top and asks me, "what are you doing mama?"  So today, I gave him the job of peeling and mashing 4 super ripe bananas.  That kept him busy while I was measuring out all the other ingredients. 

We mixed, poured, and watched the muffins bake.  He ate 2 of them.  

Now my little guy is in bed. He lined my bed with half a dozen animals that I'm supposed to sleep with.  Guess I'll do what every good mom would do and put them under the covers with me.

Night. Night.