Mar 16, 2004

Well today was day number 2 of my spring break. This morning I went to Petsmart to purchase a leash for Lucy. I never realized how expensive leashes were until today. I spent $19 on a retractable leash as opposed to the $12 for a standard leash. The good thing about this leash (besides the fact that it's retractable and that it matches her collar) is that it is suitable for dogs up to 26lbs. We are anticipating Lucy weighing 10-15lbs so this leash should work out for us. I took Lucy to the Vet this afternoon and found out that she weighs 5.8lbs. That would be 2.4lbs more than last time- chubby little puppy.
I also got my haircut since it was driving me crazy. I thinned out my layers and trimmed my bangs and now my hair feels a lot better. I spent the remainder of my day at my parents house. Now I'm home, listening to Jim Brickman and just about ready for bed. But first, as promised here are some photos taken over the past weekend.

Painting the crown molding

One more wall to go