Oct 28, 2009

what a girl wants

1. a brownie pan
I've always loved slicing into the pan and taking out the middle piece.
I don't really care for the crispy edges or rounded corners. I like the ewey gooey middle.

2. anything cupcake
especially cupcake liners.
not your plain grocery store kind.
but something extraordinary like the ones found at
3. the snuggie
i can't tell you how many times I've wished that my comforter, blanket or throw would cover me up and keep the tops of my arms warm as I typed on my computer. And with all of the designer prints available, I'm sure there is one to suit everyone....well everyone with cold arms.
4. the roomba 560
if you have wood, tile or concrete floors this has to be the miracle device that could save your relationship with your significant other. I'm mean who wouldn't want to program a little iRobot to sweep your floors daily and want nothing in return. not even an "i noticed you swept, thanks."
sounds like a sweet deal to me.
5. a 12" skillet
a chef's must have.
....we have one pair of mits....
that's not really getting the job done... I want to be able to open one of the two drawers where one might find an oven mit and actually find one....or many for that matter.
Because you never know when you might need it.
As an added bonus it has a built in knife that can cut through the strap of a seatbelt.
pretty handy if you ask me.
8. Jelly Roll
super cute and trendy fabric.
9. A punch bowl
new or old works for me.
a ladle to match would be nice too.
10. A fun new OPI nail polish


Class List said...

dear husband,
the above list contains several great ideas to consider when purchasing items to go in my stocking this Christmas... i do realize that some items might not fit as well as others but you're creative and I leave it to you to figure out!