Oct 27, 2009


1. Cade's imagination is really in bloom. For example, he pretends to hand you a coffee, let you take a sip and then puts the coffee down on the table for you.

2. Travis and I are going on a date on Sunday. Finally.

3. Cade is dressing up as the mail man this year. This was the only costume that wasn't too costume-y. He seems to not like anything different that the norm. So a blue shirt with a patch on it that says, US Postal and blue pants make it seem like an everyday outfit, instead of something special.

4. I learned to never put a whole chicken in the crock pot with a cup of liquid. The whole chicken fell apart and there were bones everywhere.... ick. So I tossed it. Next time I'll try adding just a bit of liquid and see where that leads me.

5. Last Saturday Cade and I went to the Ballunar Festival. It was great weather and a lot of fun. Thanks Becky for letting us tag along.

6. I love how Cade loves to listen to Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood on the iPod....and how he always wants me to sing with them....... so cute! Then of course there is Islands in the stream by Dolly Parton that he somehow knows the intro to.

7. I love the show Glee.

8. hulu.com is awesome!

9. I'm going to be making homemade brownies this weekend.... The recipe is from a local bakery out in Montgomery....they are famous for their pies but brownies top their list too.

10. I'm ready for my girls day out next Friday.