Sep 24, 2009

a few of my favorite things

1. I found this really cool freezer gadget online- freezcube. It tells you when your frozen food is expired. \ I'm always in question when it comes to how long something has been in the freezer. Sometimes I can't even remember buying some of the things in there. I usually just take a peek for an expiration date or just toss it all and restock.

2. I just love all of the fall flats that are out this season. I usually get two basic colors, red and black... right now DSW has all of their flats on SALE.

3. My favorite songs: Matthew West- going through the motions, Matt Kearney- closer to love- Jeremy Riddle - sweetly broken, Lady Antebellum- need you now and Carrie Underwood- cowboy cassanova.

4. Hmmm... I guess I'll put Travis down for number 4. Even though there really isn't any order to this list.... So, yeah. Travis you're one of my favorite things. Cade too. =)

5. Definitely loving the change in weather. Not loving my chapped lips.

6. I love my new chicken tortilla soup recipe. We are turning on the crock pot tomorrow and having date night at home with ritas and all.

7. We had free chic-fil-a sandwiches tonight for dinner. You just can't beat free!

8. I love the new season of fall shows! Finally something to watch!

9. I love that holiday market is only 41 days away!! Which also means my girls day out is 41 days away.

10. Loves that Cade loves shirley timple even if i don't. There is something about little girls singing that he just loves! Animal crackers in my soup is his favorite youtube video right now... so long cuppycake girl.

and there you have it.... a list of random stuff.


The Gallands said...

I love sweetly broken too!