Dec 26, 2009

"I'm on the good list"-- Cade

Cade had a great Christmas.....once he had his juice cup and actually came to see what Santa had left. He eventually did wonder over to our front room and see that there were indeed toys left but it wasn't until he put his cup down that he actually saw what was there..... silly little boy!

He ended up getting quite a few things- a home depot work bench, a farm animal set, new wooden blocks, and a new bike. The Grandparents and the rest of the family did their part in spoiling him too... lots of clothes, books, a tricycle and hot wheels....even a remote control car that is supposedly safe (for the house). haha.


Heather H. said...

Soo...IS the bounce back racer house friendly?! I wanted to test it first but Alex wouldn't let me haha.

The Gallands said...

Merry Christmas!