Jul 15, 2009


So for the past few months I haven't had any interest in couponing.... I was doing really well last year but just got burned out from the cutting, the searching, and calculating deals...it's pretty time consuming if you're really out to get a good deal. Well, I'm not sure what has motivated me to start up again....maybe it was my husband saying you'd better start cutting out coupons again after I came home with a $100+ grocery bill... or maybe it was Julie who called me a few weeks ago to tell me she got a bunch of things from CVS for FREE.... and you have to love FREE stuff.

So here I am with the Kroger ad, scissors, and scratch paper. I have my ten items (mega items buy 10 participating "mega items" and get $5 off instantly) and coupons to match. Should be able to get the following for about $7.

1 JIF 1.49
2 Dora Yogurt 1.99 ( 2, $1 off coupons)
2 pkgs cheese (block kind cheaper, fresher and I can freeze it) 1.49
1 cologate 1.99 (minus $1 off coupon)
2 Kraft dressing 1.19
2 cream cheese .99

$14.80 total - $5= $9.80 - $3 coupons=$6.80

So if that's not inspiring I don't know what is... ;)

With it being hurricane season it's never to early to start stock piling on things like peanut butter, soups, waters.... BTW Kroger has a great deal on water too.... I might calculate another deal including that.

If you need more inspiration go to hotcouponworld.com the people on that site are out for the best deal everywhere (Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS....and so on)

In other money saving news- Travis and I lucked out this past weekend. His buddy Walter called and said that his dad's restaurant business went under and that he had a bunch a meat that he needed to find a home for. Travis drove over with his cooler...and let's just say we won't be buying beef or pork for the next several months!

The meat was given to us whole so we had to take it to a local butcher to have cut and packaged for storing purposes. The butcher was telling Travis that certain pieces of meat we had brought in sold for $10 -$22/lb. Both our jaws dropped when we heard that!

So I guess if you are in need of nice hearty dinner, come on over...just bring a side or two!


The Gallands said...

Couponing is awesome! I too go back and forth. It is sometimes hard to stay motivated b/c it seems like such hard work and then you get a great deal and you get excited again