Mar 11, 2011


This past week we went down to the Rodeo at Reliant. My cousin Alex had a few extra tickets to see Martina McBride and we (my parents, Cade and I) jumped at the chance to go.  Martina was amazing.  She belted out the words... it was beautiful.

Two of my favorites from the concert were:



"Where would you be"

We had a great night. Travis met us at the Reliant Center (he had to work that night so he joined us for exhibits and dinner).  We went through animal portion of the reliant center then headed to the food tents. We did not venture out of comfort zone. No chocholate covered peppers or pickles.  We stuck with what we knew- Pappa's BBQ.     The rodeo was pretty entertaining.  Cade liked watching the people standing around in the pens more than the actual cowboys riding and roping. Once the concert started he was getting pretty sleepy.  He passed out by 9:30 which is 2 hours later than normal... what a champ! 

 The easiest way to get from one place to another with a 4 year old, SHOULDERS.
My mom said this picture reminded her of someone..... hmmmmmmm. 

Cade riding, "Cowboy"