Mar 8, 2011

Irish Dancers

Today I took Cade (along with my Mom) to see the McTeggart Irish Dancers. 

We arrived at the Cypress Creek Community Church at 2:30 for our 3 o'clock performance.  The lobby was full of elderly people, some of which apparently love dressing up for St. Patty's Day (think shiny green garland worn as a headband). I was expecting to see a younger crowd for some reason but it was wall to wall old folks here today.  It was really quite funny but once we sat down in our seats, mom and I decided that Grandma probably would have enjoyed something like this too.  Maybe next time!  While we waited I shared the story of how we learned about the Irish Dancers with my friend, Hilary who met us there with her twins. 

Cade first saw the Irish Dancers on Elmo's World.  They were on a 3 minute segment on one episode and he was fascinated by them.  We must have watched those 3 minutes over 100 times.  A few months ago Cade and I were flipping through a community magazine and found an article listing upcoming events, plays and concerts and there in black and white was photo of the Irish Dancers.  Ever since that day he has wanted to see them.  Well time when by and we both forgot until here recently when out of the blue Cade asks when we were going to go see them. I was worried that I might have missed the date but I went ahead and googled "Irish dancers Spring, TX" and  found the tickets at  I purchased them and the countdown began..."How many sleeps until the Irish Dancers" has been asked for the past 25 days.    

Cade enjoyed it.  He smiled.  He clapped.  At the end he asked, "when we were going to see them again." 

4 things that were funny about this experience:
  1. Cade was one of 4 children who attended this performance.  The rest of the viewers were OLD folks from the retirement home down the road.
  2. Hilary and I were probably the only 2 people who didn't buy discounted "senior" tickets.  Even my mom said she felt young!
  3. During one of the performances Cade stated that he didn't like the guy's voice that was singing on the soundtrack.  It happened to be one of two songs with vocals.  It was not the obnoxious version of the Cotton Eyed Joe.
  4. When asked if anyone in the audience was Irish, Cade raised his hand.   Cade is German, not Irish. Haha.
The dancers are so talented.  Their ages range from 7-18.

Cade wouldn't smile with them. So they smiled for me.

An Irish Blessing

Wishing you always...

Walls for the wind,

A roof for the rain

And tea beside the fire.

Laughter to cheer you,

Those you love near you,

And all that your heart may desire