Mar 10, 2011

Home Depot

This weekend Cade and I headed over to the Home Depot for their FREE children's workshop class.  We arrived promptly at 9 o'clock and headed to the workshop area.  We waited in line to receive our materials:  an apron and a race car kit was all that was needed.  We found our work space and began by reading the instructions (yay, mom).  From start to finish Cade had a blast.  He finished the car and tested it out on the wood stack and then the floor.  The car can roll for sure.  Once done test driving we received a certificate of completion and a pin to wear on the apron. 

Next month is a flower planter!  I told him we'd buy some flowers to plant in it if it holds up.

Thanks to my cousin, Alex for mentioning this workshop to us. 

(the song:  if I had a hammer- just popped into my head).

mission completion.