Jul 5, 2010

I heart JULY

We had a great weekend at the Miller Household.  Friday, Julia picked Cade up for a day and night o'fun.  Apparently too much fun since bedtime wasn't until after 10!  Oh well, it gave Travis and I an entire day to spend together. So since we had the house to our self we decided to head downtown and eat at Red Onion and then try out Sprinkles Cupcakes....except as soon as we entered on to I-45 we decided that we should probably make other plans since it looked like we were about to enter a black cloud of death.  So we u-turned and headed North to The Woodlands.  We stopped by  the Carter's store to get Cade PJs; they were ridiculously cheap so we stocked up.  Since it was storming by the time we left Carter's we decided to eat lunch right next door at Pie Town for a decent sandwich and soup.  On the way home we hit up the Redbox.  We rented Sherlock Holmes (zzzzzz) and Duplicity (zzzz).  For some reason I fell asleep in both.  Must have been the rainy weather that took it out of me.

Once the weather cleared out we decided to go to Alicia's Mexican restaurant for tortilla soup.  Afterwards we went to Starbucks for a coffee and discussion on where to take our vacation.

Vacation! Wow. I thought I'd never leave the house this summer.

So, here's our plan.

17th Circus with Maxie
18th head to Austin with Maxie (stay over at Stephanie's and maybe have a date night downtown)
19th Fredericksburg (visit Grandma and try out a new restaurant)
20th back to Austin dropping Cade off w/ Uncle Travis and then Travis and I head to Bastrop Lost Pines Resort
21st pick Cade up and head back to Lost Pines for more fun
22nd head home stopping at Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham

Travis had a almost 50k in airline miles so we swapped those for a one night stay at a luxury hotel and since Travis does so much "business" with Hyatt in downtown Houston, we were able to get a fabulous deal on an additional night stay.  Woo-Hoo!   I can't wait to go!

Saturday was a much prettier day so Cade and I went to Sprinkle's cupcakes (my favorite cupcake place now) and Paper Source. 

Sunday we went to church, then headed to the movies to see Toy Story 3.  That was Cade's first "real" movie.  He did awesome.  He actually fell asleep on the way to the show but I was able to keep him asleep in my arms/lap until the movie started.  It worked out perfectly.  Then we headed to the Red, Hot and Blue Festival on The Waterway.  We walked around and decided to grab a snack and cool off at Cheesecake Factory.  Afterwards, we went back over to the festival and waited.....as patiently as we could for the fireworks to start.  It was a great show.  Cade loved the pink ones (big surprise).  

Fun weekend..... now Monday is here.   Not much planned for today. We have gymnastics tomorrow and then we're packing up and heading to Fredericksburg to see Grandma on Wednesday.   We'll be back Saturday and leaving after church on Sunday to go up to Buffalo for the night.   Lots of traveling going on...but it sure beats staying at home.

Later this month July 30-August 1, I'll be going on a retreat to Camp Allen with the girls from my quilting group.   Looking forward to working on Cade's baby book.  I hope to at least finish his 1st year.... so behind on that.

The next baby I (hopefully) have will have their book already assembled and all I'll have to do is insert pictures.  One thing I did do for Cade was post a calendar in his room so all I had to do was write down his developmental milestones.... I did that for almost 2 years.   I think once he started walking I was over it.... but I'm glad that I did it because it's fun to read about when he first smiled or when he said Mama for the first time. (all that hard work paid off say mama, mama, mama, mama, mama).   

I'm off to HEB to get groceries and goodies.