Jul 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Traveling with a toddler is getting much easier these days. Although, I did stop 3 times in under 45 minutes on they way home, it is nothing like it used to be when Cade was a newborn/infant.  It would take me forever to get anywhere! 

I hate stopping when I'm traveling by myself, but when it comes to Cade, I'll do anything.  Especially if it involves a nap in the near future!  Even if I have to stop 3 times on they same road, in the same town, and listening to the same Barney episode....a nap is a nap! What?! Need that blankie...let me stop and get it for you, tuck you in and put Froggy riiiight next to you.  lol.

The past few days Cade and I have spent in the hill country visiting Stephanie and Grandma. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and spent the night in Austin. Thursday morning we loaded up and drove to Fredericksburg to see Grandma. We had a great visit. We did our usual trip to DQ for ice cream and a quick trip to Wal-Mart because for some reason we always need something from there. It was kind of a rainy day but during the dry spells the kids played outside and worked hard at covering the entire sidewalk with chalk.  Grandma said she could watch the kids so I could run down town for a little bit.  While I was gone she baked cookies with the kids. I think she had fun even if they hover over her... it's amazing they even turn out! That evening we went to the farmer's market in town and sampled tons of fresh veggies, wines, and cheeses. I bought an awesome feta cheese/olive oil spread, a loaf of white bread, and two purple bell peppers. We came home and made a delicious salad for dinner and ate almost the whole round loaf of bread at dinner. I wish there was a farmer's market here like the one on Main Street. Live music, gourmet food and fresh, home grown fruits and veggies to sample. I LOVE it.

We headed back to Buda Friday morning after a quick stroll through the shops in downtown Fredericksburg. We made it home after 1 o'clock and then we loaded back up and took Maxie to gymnastics. While she was there Cade and I went to the city park in Buda and then to Cabella's. You could seriously spend all day in Cabella's. It's huge. Cade and went through the exhibits, had a snack in   the restaurant, and then played in all of the camping tents.  We remembered to pick up a Pig Tail Meat flipper for Travis and some fishing hooks for Cade's rod. Travis is dying to take Cade fishing, so I'm guessing in the next few weeks he'll have casted his line for the first time! I'm sure he'll catch a BIG one for sure!
So, now we're home after one last stop at Julie's house this afternoon which put us home at 10:30 tonight.  Hopefully we'll get a good night of sleep.................................. yikes! it's 11:30.  g'night!