Jul 20, 2013

Summer Vacation

Here are some pictures of our trip to Grapevine, Texas.
The Golden Cowboy at the Gaylord

Dinner with Mama at the Cantina
tip: just order fajitas to share
(I had a cup of soup $7.  Cade had the kids quesadilla with chicken, apples and a drink....$9.
To add chicken to the two slices of quesadillas was $4.  AND he didn't even eat it because it was "gross".... meat, cheese, tortilla....I just don't get it.
Later that night Travis ordered fajitas- which Cade loved.
Meat, Cheese, tortilla.
Someone didn't want their picture taken but we took it anyway!

Sea Aquarium

Forest Ranger Cade 
Taking a tour of the hotel property
Mama's drink- yum!

If we ever are able to have a pool- it has to be a saltwater pool.  No more burning eyes! 


Waiting in line to enter LegoLand

Lego Land race track

Gaylord Texan Lego

Scuba Cade

Lego Land activity pass
Earlier this month we took a wonderful mini-vacation to Grapevine, Texas.  We stayed at the Gaylord Texan for 2 nights and then spent one night at the farm.  The Gaylord was a beautiful hotel.  We had been their once before for the Grapevine Christmas but we stayed off site for that trip.  This time we decided to stay there and just enjoy ourselves.   We checked in around 2 and then Cade and I went straight to Paradise Island (the off site water park) while Travis slept.  Paradise Island has a lazy river, pool area, zip line, slide and splash area.  It was loads of fun! 
The weather was perfect! I have to say Dallas is not nearly as hot as Houston.  I never once felt like it was that hot or that we were getting too much sun.  After pool time we came back to the room, changed, let Travis sleep some more and Cade and I went down to have a snack (the gross quesadilla--Thank God for margaritas).  After that we went on a walk in and around the property....probably twice around.  We saw the Golden Cowboy, the tallest cowboy (on stilts), looked at the art work on display, found the gift shop and the other 2 on site pools. 
We were finally able to wake Travis up around 7 that night.  Cade wanted to go swimming at the hotel pool so we changed and headed down.  The water was super chilly...but I survived! It was around 9pm before we headed back to the room, to change out of our suits and eat dinner.  We rested well that night and got an early start on Saturday.  We ate breakfast at a really cute diner in town.... it was an Old West theme....can't think of the name.  Then we headed to NRH20 a water park just a few miles from Grapevine.  I went down my first water slide in probably 20 years- I thought I was going to flip off the tube and off the ride...Cade loved it!  They had an awesome children's area and the wave pool was a hit as well.  That afternoon we headed to the hotel - Cade and Travis went  swimming while I got a shower and some down time.  We met our friends for dinner that night at La Hacienda Ranch- very yummy meal. It was probably the longest meal I've had out in a long time.... we were at the table for over 2 hours with 3 kids!  They survived too!
The next day we had to check out...whah!!
We headed to Lego Land and then had a quick run through the sea aquarium- which were both really fun! Then it was so long Grapevine....and hello reality.  We spent the evening in Buffalo with Travis' dad then headed home that Monday. 
We're already thinking we need to get away one more time before school starts....better get to planning!