Jul 20, 2013

ADVOCARE 24 day cleanse

With some inspiration from my neighbor I decided to do a 24 day Advocare cleanse.   I convinced 2 other girls to do it with me and placed the order. I thought for sure I wouldn't be starting until this weekend but the order was shipped the next day...so we HAD to start!

The hardest part of the cleanse is the fiber drink.  I had help from my 6 year old saying "chug it, chug it" and Justin Timberlake singing "that girl" and Michael Jackson's "don't stop till you get enough" helped me on Day 3... definitely needed a distraction to get that down.

Actually on Day 3 I only gagged once!  Which is huge progress! 

I'm doing the cleanse with my friend Sarah- the other friend can't start until she's fully recovered from back surgery.  I definitely recommend doing any kind of diet, exercise program with a friend.  It holds you both accountable.  We text each other throughout the day with little encouraging words---like, hold your nose, close your eyes, get your 4 year old to say chug it and just down it.... that's encouraging, right?

The other thing I started was a "walking club" in my neighborhood.  I usually have 2-4 girls walking with me each night.  I definitely like the girl time and the feel of sweat.... gross but true! It means I did something!  We walk 3 miles at a pretty quick pace.  Sometimes slower than I'd like to go but I'm out there moving and so are they!  I added hand weights... 5lbs and that's not easy!

Day 4- no fiber drink.   No fiber drink until day 8.  I will survive!  It's supplements and clean eating.  Everything you should be doing.  I'm tired of processed food.  I actually like fresh foods.... so I'm hoping this will be incorporated into my family meal planning.  Travis is the best.... he's eating what I'm eating and Cade tried lettuce..... but trying it is a start!


Suz and Brandon said...

So glad you are doing this!!! 24 days is nothing! Right!?