Nov 25, 2011

turkey dinner, turkey dinner

Me:  Hey Cade want to come look at the turkey in the oven?

Cade:  Sure!

Me:  Opening the door...... 

Cade:  (looking in) Is that like a turkey that says, "gobble, gobble?" 

Me:  well... it was.

Cade:  Did he like being cooked?

Me:   How about you go play until lunch is ready!

Needless to say he didn't eat any turkey.

We had a great lunch.  Mom and Daddy came and Lewis, Travis' dad joined us too.

Cade came down with a nasty respiratory infection with fever and all but he is feeling better today..... still a little scratchy voice but much more perky than yesterday.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! 

A post about Black Friday 2011 will come later.