Nov 20, 2011


Two Fridays ago we loaded up the car and headed to Lake Livingston for an overnight camping trip.  It was almost ridiculous how much stuff we "needed" to take to go away for one night.  Phones, dvd player, glow sticks, flashlights, lanterns, 2 quilts, 1 set of sheets, 3 pillows, a dog bed, crayons, a grill kit, fishing poles, our luggage, food, water, and first aid kit were some of the must haves this trip. 

Once we got there and noticed what other campers brought I made note of what we need to bring next time- Christmas lights (for outdoor lighting), a table cloth, and a broom with pan (we had to borrow from the campers next to us). 

Travis and I used to go camping when we dated and when he brought up this trip I wasn't really interested in going at first.  But I decided to tough it out and join in the fun! Besides, Cade wanted me to go! 

We borrowed Julie's 17x10ft tent (that is bigger than Cade's room)  for our first camping trip as a family of 3~  or 4 if you count Ladybird.  Yes, she went and she was really very good. I know. I'm shocked too.  The key was keeping her on a leash.

We arrived around 4 set up the tent rather quickly.  We made hot dogs for dinner and smores for dessert.  We played with glow sticks and told 3 not really scary - scary ghost stories.

Were in bed by in bed by 8.....and fell asleep watching Tangled.   We made it through the chilly night- I think the low was 44.  We were the first to rise the next morning.  We made breakfast tacos-- or at least Travis did while I got the dog to do her thing and entertained Cade with a walk through the woods!
After breakfast we tore down our campsite and loaded up.  We went up the road and tried to fish- but they just weren't biting.  So we headed out to geochache.  There are 14 caches on Lake Livingston.  Of those we set out to find 2, and we did. 

If you haven't heard about geochaching you are missing out!  It's really fun! It's like treasure hunting.  A random person hides a container that has a piece of paper of in it and usually some tokens/treasures.  You use your GPS device to locate the hidden item. Once found, you open it, sign a piece of paper that has been folded inside (a film canister, jelly jar, small pill box) container and decide if you want to take the treasure and leave something of yours or do nothing but sign the paper.  We of course took their treasure and left something of ours.  I think we left confetti from the playground at school.  Yeah, it's kind of dorky but it was fun for us... which I guess means we are a family of dorks but oh well- so are a bunch of other families!

This week is Thanksgiving at our house and then Black Friday with Julie and Susan.

I'm a little mad that the stores are opening early.  We might be home by 3.  Lame.


Suz and Brandon said...

I just hope I get to actually eat dinner! haha Everyone is going to be at TRU sooo early!!!!!

Glad you guys had fun camping!!