Aug 15, 2011

our weekend

Friday night was "date night".  It started off with a trip to Home Deopt to check out prices on a new fridge.  Our beloved Frigidaire refrigerator was going out on us.  It all started with the ice maker not making ice.  Then things started to defrost and refreeze.  Then the juice boxes didn't feel very cold but the spinach was frozen on the fridge side.   Things were not looking good for our approximately 7 year old, side by side, too small to put anything in, refrigerator.

Yep. The end was near and we needed to find a replacement FAST. 

Home Depot had nothing.  So it was on to Best Buy where they had mostly a higher end selection- including a fridge with a touch screen monitor. You could update your twitter, upload pictures and get the weather report all while pouring yourself a nice tall glass of juice.  Is any of that really necessary on an appliance?  Afterward we went on to Lowes.  We kind of sort of found one we liked but it was in the scratch and dent pile... and it was well, pretty dented up.  So we called it a night and went home. 

The next day Travis left with Cade to go to the farm for the weekend.  I met up with my parents and we went out to the Lowes in Spring, where the very knowledgeable Phillip helped us find an awesome refrigerator.  He was really great.  He knew every answer to every question we (my dad) came up with.  He was so much help. We spent awhile determining what I didn't want (side by side, stainless, small).  And then we determined what we did want (french door, well lit, auto pull drawer, ice maker, room for a pizza box). We found a few that would work but nothing was quite as impressive as the Samsung 25.8 cf white, french door refrigerator- sorry there isn't a "cool" name for it.  Here's what it looks like.

It's even more impressive with the doors open. 

It's perfect.  You might have noticed that there isn't a water dispenser. Travis and I both agreed that feature is really just something else that could leak.  And WE know ALL about leaks thanks to our beloved Frigidaire.

We went to 2 other stores to check prices but Lowes couldn't be beat (and even if there was a competitor with a better price, Lowes will price match them).

It was delivered today....all shiny and white.  We couldn't be happier!

By the way, Samsung has been rated #1 for the past 5 years and this particular model has a 5 star rating!

So long Frigidaire.


Suz and Brandon said...

You will love it!