Aug 17, 2011

Blue Bell

Today Amanda picked Cade and I up to go on day trip out to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery.   We made it there just in time for the last tour-- nice planning Amanda! We put on our very trendy Blue Bell paper hats and went on the tour.  It starts with a 5 minute movie about the history of Blue Bell.  For the most part the movie held the kids attention...any longer and we'd all been asleep for sure.  Afterwards was the actual tour where we got to see how the ice cream was made.  I always liked to see how things are made.  I think there is something about watching an assembly line and then carton after carton fill up with yummy, delicious ice cream. 

Today they were making:  Mint Chocolate Chip, Pineapple something or another, and The Great Divide. 
Here is what I learned from the tour:

  • Blue Bell stops making ice cream at 4 pm everyday. 
  • 54 gallons of ice cream are made each minute/per machine/batch.
  • The ice cream containers spin while being filled ensuring even distribution of ingredients (ie:  cookie dough).
  •  Blue Bell collects milk from 60,000 cows a day to make one days worth of ice cream.  That's a lot of cows and a lot of milk.  The milk is hauled in from a 200 mile radius.
  • The number one flavor is......Homemade Vanilla.  
  • The number three flavor is ......chocolate......
  • I can't remember number two. 

The cutest thing about today was just after we sat down to enjoy our "free" scoop of ice cream Abbey says, "how do they make ice cream anyway?"  Too funny!

Thanks Amanda for driving and inviting us!  Pictures to come...