Mar 22, 2011


Tomorrow is the day (drum roll) I'm starting Boot Camp. 
No, Mom I'm not joining the Army.
Just the Texas Boot Camp Fitness program.

I received 2 emails this week about signing up.  The awesome Groupon is what sold me. 
I had also heard that a lady at my school is going through the program too but she does the morning classes and I'll be doing the evening ones.  There is a chance that I could join her on Friday mornings assuming that I don't pass out and die during my first day "at camp" on Wednesday.

I also know that Susan is doing baby bootcamp and I think she might be slightly addicted to it- she's up to 5 days of sweating it out all while toting around 2 precious little boys!

wish me luck. 


Suz and Brandon said...

Umm, yes... 5 days a week is a problem. I think I just have to get out of the house. But might as well get in shape while doing it.
Good Luck! You can do this and you may even like it!
See you Friday!