Mar 23, 2011

Day 1

I'm alive.

I survived my first night of BootCamp.

I got there a few minutes early to prepare myself for the intense workout.  I laid everything out (mat, gloves, weights) and then wandered on over to some girls who were standing around.  They were all newbies too, but this was their 2nd workout.  They all said Monday was really hard but the good thing is that came back. That's what I'm hoping for- even when it hurts- Just GO.

I didn't go all out during every exercise but I definitely worked out! I felt like JELL-O after my first run.  Red Jello.  My face was a nice rosey red color during the runs and ground work.  (If you are familiar with TWUMC you run from the church bldg to the Loft bldg (we did that 3 times).

I met a few older ladies too.  Most were veterans of almost a year.  I got some advice-  don't look at the marthon runners, or the ones that are out doing you, do what you can do and you will see results.   That's exactly what I wanted to hear.  I know I'll never be skinny, but I can be confident, healthy and feel good in my own skin and right now, sometimes I don't.

So, atleast I'm trying this route to challenge myself and do something for me. 

Now, I'm off to drink my water and wash the parking lot grim off of me!


Suz and Brandon said...

I am so proud of you! Running is my least favorite thing too. I am glad those ladies said that to you!

Michelle said...

I have a friend who does boot camp along with her husband. She likes it. She tells me about it. It seems like torture to me.
Everyone is different. I love pilates mat work. I think I have a really good instructor. My body feels better than it ever has. I feel good enough to jog with my kids now. I could use some more exercise. I always say I'm going to do more. Pilates is what I've been able to stick with for four years. Best of luck with boot camp