Oct 23, 2010

back porch

It always feels good to throw out things that are old and broken.  The feeling of clean is one of my favorite feelings.... UNTIL.

My 3 year old realized that all of the things I just tossed into a big, black bucket are his things.  In his eyes the book that is hanging by a lone fiber is still worth keeping and "heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy" the broken shovel with a crack in it, still has to be good for something.  

After a little convincing we were able to actually throw the book and the shovel away.  Along with the other junky, worn out sandbox toys and dried up sidewalk chalk.

We can finally see our back patio (not as well as I had hoped- our power washer died today) but we can now see the concrete and that is what the goal was!

Next step is to power wash, put crushed granite down for our *new* gas grill that is waiting for at Lowes, install a new back door light and a storm door.  Maybe we will even luck out and get a great deal on end of season patio furniture!!

We shall see...but for now I'm going enjoy the back porch and the "not" mess.

(cade has a habit of saying "not" in front of words...for example I'll take him to the bakery and he will want a pink donut with "not" sprinkles).