Oct 20, 2010

Everything is a blur

This week is flying by and it's only Tuesday!

It's seems like the past few days we have been on the go!  It started on Saturday with a garage sale, followed by a baby shower, a bonfire, church services, pumpkin patch, and small group...then rise 'n shine it's Monday...that's the blurry part. Where did Monday go??

Tuesday wake up and get out the door by 8 be home by 3:45 before a major meltdown... then it's time to make cookies for the VIP snack for school and then attend a Junior League meeting that evening.  Open House is Wednesday and then finally....Thursday we can relax after we drop off a meal for a friend who just had a baby.

Ahhh!  Where did my days go where I could take naps and relax? Oh yeah... that was WAY before motherhood.  I love my crazy, simple life.

This past week Cade has had a special visitor with him.  It was Ruby Robin.  She is the class "pet" and goes home with each child for a whole week.  I loved having Ruby here.  She was such a good little bird!!

here we are at Gringo's Tex Mex

 Sitting in Mr. Charlie's jeep.

Taking a break at the pumpkin patch.

See... she is just so happy to be with Cade.  Cade even asked me she was going to come back to our house.  I told her probably in a few months.... I then said that I think I saw "Ruby" type birds at Cabela's and he was not having that... there is only ONE Ruby in his eyes!