Jul 27, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation by Tara Miller

We're home, unpacked and back in routine.  BOOO.

Our vacation was great!  We went all over the hill country in just a few short days.  Our first stop was Buda, Tx.   We drove in, dropped Maxie off and then made it to our first destination....Cabela's.  Cabela's is one of those stores you could seriously get lost in. What's neat about Cabela's is that there really is something there for everyone.  For example, Travis has been dying to get a canoe since we first met.  This place has every style and every color of canoe you could ever wish or hope for. 

My favorite part is the bake shop/camping/home living department.  As you walk up the stairs you are greeted by the yummy smells coming from the fudge shop.  I've been in twice and have yet to see anyone who actually works in there...so I'm beginning to thinks it's just for looks. The home living department has the Woodwick candle collection... they sound like fire crackling as they burn...  I've also seen the smile on cade's face as we walk through the camo couches - who doesn't want a camo couch?  (not me)  But what's really cute are the mini camo recliners for the kids... seriously cute. 
After bouncing off the couches and hiding in the camo curtains we went to the opposite end of the store and spied the tent of all tents.  The Lakeside.  Ahhh.  Doesn't that just sound nice.  It has everything I love in a tent.... SPACE.   It's under $300 and would comfortably sleep the 3 of us and Lucy.    I see a camping trip in our future.

We probalby spent an hour or so roaming around in the store before we decided to head back to my sister's house.   The next morning we headed to Fredericksburg to see my Grandma.  We stopped at the old Post Office in Hye, where my grandparents received their mailed for over 50 years.   A lot has changed since I was a kid walking around in there.  The mail is still handled there but it's more of an antique shop than anything else. We manged to find an antique Lone Star beer glass, a pigeon crossing sign, and an orange and white cat on the shelves. 

We made one more stop on our way up to Gigi's... Studebaker's PEACHES!  These were the best peaches! Gigi shared her cobbler recipe with us that afternoon and we whipped up a batch. Yummy!  We mostly stayed around her house while we were there.  We did manage to go downtown to the park and then appetizers and drinks at Bejas... my favorite spot!

The next day we dropped Cade off with my sister's family and Travis and I headed to the Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop.  We were impressed with the service, the atmosphere, and of course the Grand Bed!  We priced them after our honeymoon in Lake Tahoe.... they run about $8000.... ahh, the price for a good night of sleep.  We settled into our room and went to the pool.  I had an electric lemonade to kick off my afternoon.   We floated the river and just relaxed.  Dinner was a Sheller's- a beer/piano bar type place.  We had shiner bock queso -which was good although Travis said it tasted just like Shiner- which to him means -it doesn't have a taste at all.... I on the other hand enjoyed it!  The next day we headed to the spa to see what it was all about-- we learned that you can use the spa during your stay at no additional charge (unless you request a service).  We were both wishing we had known this information a day earlier and not 15 minutes before Cade was being dropped off.   Once Cade arrived we headed back to the pool and spent all day there.  I loved floating the river and going through the "rabbits" (rapids) with Cade.    That afternoon I managed to escape to the spa to relax, shower and get ready for dinner with my boys. That night we had smores on the lawn and hit the sack early!  
The next day we ate a quick bite, took another dip in the pool and then checked out.   We took note that the next time we stay here we will pack a few grocery items.  Food and drinks can really ring up the bill. However, we did manage to come in just under our budget when all was said and done. 

The last stop on the way home was to BlueBell Creamery.  It's known as the best ice cream in the country.... and I'll agree to that since I haven't really had ice cream outside of Texas.  Cade had "ganilla".... yummmm!

So, now we're back home and already planning another stay at Lost Pines in April for our 5 year anniversary. 


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I love your blog! Great photos... KW