Jul 27, 2010

Baby Fever

I think I have a case of baby fever.

It's just not going away.  So far this week I have unintentionally made matters worse. 

I have spent my free time sifting through baby clothes...sorting through them and remembering when Cade was "this little" followed by an "awwww, look at this one, remember when he wore this?" Mostly  Travis just stares at me... but then I see a little gush of fluid fill his eyes as he blinks really fast to make them return to normal. He just might be coming down with case of it too, YIKES!  Two parents in one household with baby fever..... can only mean one thing... separate rooms!  LOL.

Maybe it's a case of everyone else is, why aren't we?

Everyone I know is having babies... some are even having multiple babies!   Some are having boys, some are having girls, some aren't even finding out!

It's also not helping that I've been spending time with my neighbor who has a newborn baby boy who is absolutely precious. Tiny feet. Tiny hands. Tiny everything... so perfect in every way.   This weekend I'm going to be scrapbooking Cade's first year.  FIRST year.  He's already 3.  Actually he's closer to 4 now....which means one more year and he'll be in Kindergarten. WHAT?  Where does the time go? Why so fast? Why? Why? Why?

Is there a cure for my baby fever?  Who knows what is in store for our family...  All I know is that Cade is such a blessing. I know that I love him and he loves me (even if he presses and squeezes his hands together so tight, then shows and tells me that this is all the love he has for me--in which I tell him that amount is still something).

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my once little boy!  Cade Christian.

first bath

Hook 'Em Horns
his onesie was bright blue and his socks were from Baby Gap...I loved those socks!

Kimono from Becky
favorite picture taken at Picture People

Sock Monkey Party


Suz and Brandon said...

I LOVE this post. I also love all the old pictures of Cade. Makes me sad they change so fast!