Jun 24, 2010

Oh, I love a rainy night....

I've been waiting all day for the rain to come.  There was a teaser of shower this morning, then a few sprinkles around lunch and full sun until this evening when the storm clouds rolled in.  At first I couldn't tell if it was thunder or if I was hearing or the loud, obnoxious 4x4 truck across the street that gets fired up every week; but soon enough I heard the first drops hit the window and now I'm in a dark house watching the sky light up!

Today I took Cade and his pal, Micheala to Toddler Time at the library. It was so cute! Stories, finger plays, and dancing!  They loved it! I'm going to take Cade next week after Gymnastic for the pre-school session and then again on Thursday for the Toddler Time.  Now that Travis has his new sleep schedule I find it easier to be out of the house until noon....and this will certainly help fill up our morning.  This afternoon, Travis took Cade to the pool in the neighborhood.  I think he enjoyed it! I need to sign him up for lessons.  He has yet to go underwater in all of  his 3years of being in water.

Tonight we sliced opened our delicious seedless watermelon from the farmer's market... it was so sweet and juicy!  I sliced up half of it and brought it over to my neighbor's house and then as I'm walking back to my house the neighbor across the street is walking over to give me home grown tomatoes.  I thought that was pretty neat...

Well... time to study only one more day until my ESL test.