May 23, 2010

Ten things

1. Summer has officially started for me!

2. This past weekend Cade and I rode up to Austin with my parents (yes it was a long drive, but I don't remember complaining about it). Saturday evening Maxie preformed in a dance recital. She did an amazing job! She has grown up so fast and her dancing has really improved since last year!

Here she is in her ballet dress and her trophy.
maxie's first dance recital.

Macey did an awesome dance to this song, Storm by Lifehouse.

3. Keep your fingers crossed about a pre-k position that just opened up! It would be perfect for me!

4. Cade is going to be visited by the potty fairy. She is going to take away the pull ups and leave a wrapped gift for him to open if he's dry. I hate to be like this but he will just stand there looking at me and tell me he just peed in his pull up. ahhhh so frustrating.

5. If you haven't driven through the town of Roundtop, you need to. My Dad decided to take a "short cut" through Roundtop on our way to Austin. I would have loved to have stopped to take some pictures but of course that didn't happen.

6. Travis has been gone since Thursday working on his Dad's roof at the farm. The guy that designed the farm house had a real clever way of building it. He basically threw up some boards, found whatever kind of fastener and pieced it together. That might be good with other types of structures but not a house. Travis has spent probably 30 hrs working on tearing down the old roof and puttin the new one on.

7. I'm still doing my green smoothies. I've increased my elliptical/treadmill time and added more YOGA to my weekly schedule. I'm definitely feeling better and I can tell a difference. =)

8. I can't believe LOST is over. Actually I'm kind of glad.... I will finally know how it ends.

9. For some reason I keep thinking about Papa lately. I really wish I could go out to the ranch and clean up the place.... I haven't been out there in over a year, if not longer. The song House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert reminds me of him and his house.

10. The potty fairy is coming.