May 25, 2010

potty fairy

Yesterday we headed over to Amanda's for some pool time fun! Cade is hoping to get a pool with a slide at the end of the week..... it all depends on how his potty training goes.

With the help of my good friends, Susan and Kristine I have reintroduced potty training to Cade. The past 2 nights one or the other has called and pretended to be the Potty Fairy. They use their own, unique Fairy-ish type voice and somehow create magic over the phone line.

This morning I filled Cade's bathroom with balloons and wrote a note from the Potty Fairy.

He has been dry all day. ALL DAY. That's pottying every hour from 7am to 8pm. Tomorrow I'm going to try to go a little longer but I'm so proud of him. I hope this is the end of pull ups and the beginning of big boy pants!

Tomorrow he will wake up to find ribbon curls and another note. Maybe he'll even be dry over night. Let's hope!


The Gallands said...

How Fun! Good Luck :)