Jun 21, 2004

My trip to Austin was a lot of fun! Stephanie and I went shopping for knick-knacks for the house/apartment. I came home with new curtains from Pottery Barn and some hand-me-down throw pillows from my sister. My dentist appointment went smoothly. I received a trial packet of the Rembrandt Tooth Whitening System, my teeth are beaming! I came back to Houston on Friday afternoon and met Travis at his parents house. We loaded up the truck and headed to Buffalo for the weekend. Saturday I spent most of the day relaxing indoors while Travis and his dad worked on mowing the fields. Their lines look nice and straight! The girls (Cassie and Lucy) played and played on Saturday and by that evening they were pooped out! On Sunday Travis and I went on a drive to look at an old Post Office building and while we were walking around we snapped these pictures of Lucy!