Jun 24, 2004

Today I decided I have had enough with the snail population living outside my door. I finally took action! I sprinkled salt all over my patio in hopes that tomorrow when I awake I will not see trails of goo all over my window nor will I hear "crunch crunch" when I'm out watering my flowers. Keep your fingers crossed that the snail population will have diminished.

This afternoon I went to spend some time with Julie! We visited a little bit and played with Andrew, who by the way is a chunky little fellow. He is up to 13lbs now and the doctors say if he continues to develop at this rate he will be over 6ft- No doubt in my mind that will happen.

On my way home I stopped by a scrapbooking store and picked up some new paper by SEI. Here are two websites that carry this brand of paper Two Peas In A Bucket and Scrapbookers Paradise. About 2 years ago I started an album that has pictures of my family from yesterday and today- it's one page away from being complete. I also have another album that is dedicated to my friends and it's a ways off from being done but it's getting there. Well for some reason today I bought another album! It was just too good of deal to pass up! I placed an order yesterday on snapfish so as soon as those pictures arrive I'll be all set to start on my new book! Isn't that exciting?!

This weekend is the baby shower for Ronda (Travis' sister in-law). It should be a lot of fun- I just love throwing showers! I would almost consider myself a professional shower thrower.