Mar 2, 2004

While surfing the net I found an IQ test. I hate taking tests but since I metTravis he has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of riddles and thinking out of the box. I'm by no means the best at figuring out his brain-busters but I can usually figure out the easy ones.

Here is a sample question:

Walter is taller than Scott,
and Scott's little brother is taller than Roger.
Since Walter is not the tallest one of the four,
then Scott's little brother must be tallest.
True False

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My IQ score was 136. A person whose IQ score falls in the range of 129-143 is considered to be "highly intelligent".

My IQ score was based on my scores across 12 distinct aspects of intelligence. Like everyone, I have a unique intellectual makeup, with strengths and weaknesses that affect my methods of understanding, communication and relating to others. According to my results, my greatest intellectual strength is Processing Speed- is that a good thing?