Mar 4, 2004

Hello all.

I just got in from one of the longest days ever. I left work at 4 which is 30 minutes later than normal. I'm usually out the door right at 3:30 and usually at 3:31 I make a call to Travis but not today. He ended up calling me at 4 wondering where I was.
I had to get some things taken care of at work, input some test scores into the computer and conference with a parent. As soon as that was done I decided to take the short cut home which ended up being the long way due to a stalled bus. Grrr.

Things got better once I met up with Kristine. I was on a big mission tonight to find an outfit for the wedding I am going to on Saturday. I thought I had found the perfect dress in Spring but I wanted to check out what Houston had to offer. So I met up with Krissy and we headed to Foley's. I found the cutest skirt- it's pink and black, A-line cut and really flattering! Then after trying on 10 different pairs of shoes I finally decided on some black strapy, high heeled shoes- very sexy. I sent Kristine on a personal mission while I made my decisions- her mission to find the perfect purse to go with the perfect skirt and the perfect shoes!
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in under 5 minutes- in fact she made it to the cashier before I even handed the man my card. SNAPS for KRISSY all around.

So, now I'm going to pack my bag and shower and the head to my Travis' house. Today he had puppy duty- Lucy left him a big (actually small but just as smelly) surprise! How lucky!