Jan 19, 2004

The weather in Houston couldn't be any better. Not only is it a chilly 50' (perfect snuggle weather) but it's also extremely clear outside! Not a cloud in sight. This is my favorite kind of weather....Sure the first words out of my mouth this morning when I walked to the car were, "OH MY GOD I'M FREEZING!" But I love Texas winter weather!

So, this weekend Travis and I went up to see Stephanie, Travis and Maxie. It was really funny introducing Maxie to Travis- she didn't quite believe me when I said Travis' name was Travis. I think she was thinking how could two people have the same name??

Saturday morning the 3 of us played ponies...BIG SURPRISE. For some reason Maxie is hooked on ponies. Travis asked her if the ponies we were playing with were My Little Ponies- she quickly said, NO these are My Little Ponies. lol. Too cute!
Around 10 we headed to my Grandma's house out in Fredericksburg. We decided to dine out at Chili's and walk through the shops down on Main Street. I took home 2 candles from a store called Remember Me. I can't wait to burn them.
After our visit with Grandma, Travis and I head to the ranch to check up on the place. We both agreed that we should come back up with a trailer and clean the place up. Hopefully we will make that trip soon. We headed back to BUDA around 5 and picked up some things from HEB to make hamburgers with. Travis made the burgers- they were delicious! After dinner we all put on our pj's and watched the movie Finding Nemo and then went to sleep.

Travis ended up catching a cold so we decided to head back early so he could get some rest. The drive back didn't take long at all but we both agreed that I need some new tunes in the car. Any suggestions leave me a message on the TAG Board.