Jan 19, 2004

Too many of us wander through life with uncertainty and a lack of clarity. Now, a revolutionary report, The Dewey Color System®, creates self-awareness through color preference.

You're a Practical Wizard
You understand what people need to do to be more practical in their lives. By keeping your distance, you are able to identify the best available resources. You're constantly conducting an investigation of how to better use money and cultivate talent.

The passionate you thrives on orchestrated plans. Figuring out how to make your ideas a reality and seeing things through to completion is the ultimate high. These pursuits empower your self-confidence.

The centered you knows who is capable of giving you unselfish devotion. You see where you belong. When all is quiet within, you celebrate each person for what they have done, not said or thought.

The emotional you pulls things together. You bring up points that allow others to fit in. First, though, try to consider where you belong. The sense of being left out will then melt away.