Jul 12, 2012

summer time, fun time

Our summer can finally begin!  Cade broke his wrist the evening of May 30.  He was casted on June 1 and today he got the "all clear and everything looks perfect" from the Dr. So we are officially cast-free!

Of course "summer" always has to start off raining.... isn't that always what happens. We mostly stayed at home today- We did venture out to Trader Joe's and then came home to take the longest bath- ever.  He splashed, he soaked, he played.... I let him enjoy himself.  We've been doing 2 minute baths for the past 7 weeks and have been washing his hair while he lays on the countertop.... it's not really easy to wash a wiggly 5 year old who you think is about fall and slip in the tub while you wash him down.  I'm so glad that this is behind us now.

So we are going to take it easy for a few more weeks- no climbing, running or falling down until the stiffness is gone (a week or so) then we can slowly add things back in.  We got the go ahead to go swimming so we are planning on splashing around with Julie in the next few days.

Next week starts VBS.  Yay!  He'll be going for 3 hours each day! I'm planning on going to the gym each of those days.  I've been looking forward to this week all month!