Jul 28, 2011

Gotta joke for ya

So, yesterday Cade out of the blue asks, "what does a snowman eat for breakfast?" Me, thinking this was a normal everyday question, looked at him with a blank stare.  He follows up with, "frosted flakes!" 

That was his first official joke. 

I was so impressed I had him tell Nana, Granddad and his Juty.

They were all equally impressed.

Today started off with a trip to Target.  I swear they have the whole toy department on clearance. Definitely going to make another run through tomorrow before the weekend crowd hits it.  We picked up a birthday gift, Christmas present and a rubber frog for under $10. nice, huh?

We ran to Gymnastics and then came home to spend about an hour with Travis before he had to leave for work this afternoon. Once he left  I had the W   H   O   L  E afternoon to play, play and play.

We played, Hi Ho Cherry Oh, twice.  Candyland.  Retold 3 Billy Goat Gruff (with Calypso Joe the Caribbean Troll) about 6 times....it really is a cute book though.  We built 2 towers out of mega blocks.  Read a Library book. Downloaded a new game on ipod. Watched an epidsode of Barney.  Took a bath. Ate dinner. Played in the tent and then finally it was time for the gym.

I'm hooked on a new class- yoga-lates.  20%yoga 80%pilates put to awesome music... no waterfall, butterfly music here.  Tonight we heard: ice, ice baby, willie nelson, coldplay, sugarland, journey.... the instructor is fabulous.  She is inspirational.... one class is all it takes and you'll be hooked!

Crap.  I better go be a good daughter in law and wish my mother in law a very happy birthday!    We're seeing her tomorrow after my gym class......