Apr 1, 2011

Today I met up with Susan and her boys at Creekside Park to take pictures in the Bluebonnets. Susan has this amazing camera that takes a dozen pictures in a split second. It makes the background blurry and the object crystal clear and vice-versa. It's amazing!

I want one.

When she got there she unloaded her boys and immediately one went one way and the other one went the other direction! It was SO funny! (It's one of those things you think is just an exaggeration but it's not, they seriously split the minute their feet touch the ground). But that's just part of being a mommy of twins! Double the run... I mean FUN. =)

Somehow we managed to get pictures of all 3 boys and no one got lost, hurt or sad during the 30 minutes we spent in the flowers.

Here is sneak peak of the pictures she took of my little guy!
Thank you Susan for taking them!
You are the BEST!

Darn. The rest are being stubborn and not wanting to upload. So we'll both have to wait until I get the rest on a cd. Here are 2 that I took on my iPhone. I still can't believe he is 4.