Nov 29, 2010


So I realize that I should have posted this before my Black Friday post but who really reads this blog anyway... I think I know of 3 people... maybe 4.

Wow. 4 People in the whole world stop to read "MY" blog.  That's pretty cool.

Anyway,  I wish I could say that I took tons of photos but I didn't.  I can tell you that I made an awesome turkey.  I highly recommend it and I'm even thinking about roasting a chicken the same way next week. 

My cranberries were awesome! However they didn't gel up as much as I had hoped but they were still yummy.  The sweet potatoes were good... I like Travis' and my Mom's recipe better.   Stuffing and green bean casserole were great as usual.  

Dessert looked amazing.  Kind of heavy on the pumpkin cake part... would have liked less cake.

For my table scape I used my "good" silverware, silver napkin rings/place card holders, silk fall leaves and candles.  It was simple yet stylish. 

On every one's place card I had there name on one side and then a funny Thanksgiving quote.... "did you know that it takes 18 hours to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and only 12 minutes to eat"  and then another one said, "I had the hardest time stuffing the turkey, I went through the beak."

We then spent the afternoon decorating my tree and watching the Cowboys almost win.  Saying almost win sounds better than watching the team lose.  Ya'know?!

My tree looks great....still have a few ornaments to set out and then I'll be done for the season.

This week we're heading to the Gaylord Texan, Lone Star Texan Christmas in Dallas.  Should be!